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Dedicated to my Fairfield Chicago Four: Neha, John, Dilip and Adam. 


What is yours?
Mine is hiding from controlling
And blowing down the doors
There’s often more resistance when you reach the other side
And it’s from the force of other’s fears that I intend to hide

There’s sugar in the sex
There’s sugar in the drink
There’s sugar in oblivion that clouds desire to THINK
There’s sugar in drawing blinds and shutting others out
There’s sugar in being childish so as adults we pout

There’s sugar in holding on too long
And not letting lonely in
Dispensing and swallowing placebos
That’s our greatest sin

We need a different drug
Share Truth? now there’s a start
The side effects of living?
Let pain play it’s part
It’s often in the hurting that life will heal the heart
And clawing through the darkness
Lets light the clouds to part

The sugar makes you drowsy
Its crystals are oblique
It clouds all of the beauty
Of life lived sharp… unique

So let the laughter in
Your friends are here to play
They may be gone tomorrow
But they are yours today

Give them sugar when they enter
But place it on their cheek
Embrace them when you suffer
It’s a blessing that they seek
Revel in the magic
For you’re ALIVE today.
Friends won’t give you placebos
They know the greater hell you’d pay
But even if you down them
They love you any way

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